About, Recent Work, and Artist’s Statement


Lake Como, 9×12 oil on linen 2019





My husband and I drove Highway 50, often called The Loneliest Highway in America. We stopped in Scipio, Utah, at an antique store and across the street was this delightful scene. Not my normal, subject matter, I know but I so enjoyed painting this quirky little pump.


The Madison Range, Montana 12×16 oil 2019

I took a photo reference last summer of an enormous Hereford steer all by himself up to his chest in dry grass. In painting this picture, I also tried to direct the viewer’s eyes, via the foreground dead tall weeks to the puffy and encouraging summer clouds up the hill. That the curly coat in burnt sienna and the white face of this steer match the clouds is intentional. This small painting will be one of five I am doing for a little show.
Fog Coming In 8x10 oil on linen 2019

Fog Coming In 8×10 oil on linen  2019

This is a view from up the rural road on which we live. You can see the cattle in a line coming in for feed and on the upper right, Sutro Tower.

The San Simeon School House Oil on linen 9×12 2019

The Road to Gunnison  9×12 oil on linen 2019  SOLD


Spring in the East Bay Hills 9×12 oil on linen 2019 SOLD


“The Ridge in December” 12×16 oil on linen 2019

Artist’s Statement:

Cheri Block Sabraw

July 2019

My artwork reflects me: a lover of all things natural—landscapes and animals native to the American West. I work slowly—deliberately because of the subject matter and of my desire to create art that evokes emotion rather than reason from the viewer.

I was educated at the Mill Creek Academy of Art located in Mission San Jose, California where I specialized in color, design, and painting.

I have also been instructed by SWA member and award-winning painter, Kayti Sweetland Rasmussen, (1928-           )  in composition, color, and oil painting.

Influences on my work include my great aunt, Sara Dora Block Alexander, who studied in the 1920’s with Charles Reiffel, British artist Paul Nash, and Disney animator Eyvind Earle. Local Herefords and Angus have also influenced me, as well as tall grasses, fog banks, and rolling hills, dotted with oaks. My own photography influences my painting as many of my paintings were begun from my photo references.

My favorite book about art and art critics is The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe. In that book he lampoons the sometimes difficult world  of gallery owners, art collectors and art critics who live in the same building as the Emperor who wears no clothes. It’s worth a read if you, like me, think in reality that Jackson Pollack’s work is ugly as well as DeKooning and other Abstract Impressionists.

Classes taken recently:

2017: Scottsdale Artists’ School: Drawing and Painting Horses in the Light taught by Ned Jacobs.

I want my animals and landscapes to evoke an emotion from viewers, perhaps to recall a pleasant memory of a time in their lives. I strive for depth of feeling in my work on animals especially. I hope you see the contented but watchful look of this mother Hereford as she nurses her calf.



Texas Oaks and Bluebonnets 12×16 oil on linen 2018


Dixie Rose 9×12 oil on linen 2018 in Kris’s private collection

susie's painting 16.20 oil on canvas

Oak Creek 16×20 oil on canvas in private collection 2018

Mill Creek Reflections 20x24 oil on Belgian Linen 2018

Teri’s View this is a large painting 20×24 oil on Belgian linen 2018 gift to Teri


Close up detail of Teri’s View


Palouse Barn 9×12 oil on linen 2018 in private collection


Scarlett and Mandolin 2018 12×16  oil on linen 2018

My work reflects me-a small person with big ambitions. I am an amateur photographer and an oil painter.  I paint from my own photography.


My preference is  to work on  large canvases but recently I have been practicing on smaller ones.

I paint in oils and delight in all things equine and Western.


I took a class from Ned Jacobs in December of 2017 titled Drawing Horses in the Light. At the Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch for 5 days, I spent many hours each day standing around a corral and drawing. The small paintings below, of Jerry the paint draft horse, came from that experience.

Nevada Reverie 2018 oil on linen

Nevada Reverie, 12×16 oil on linen 2018

Contentment 12x16 oil on linen 2018

Contentment  12×16 Oil on Linen Not for Sale 2018


P.T. 109 12×16 Oil on linen  2018   SOLD


Meadow Muse 12×16 oil on linen 2018   SOLD


the Rancho 9×12 oil on linen 2018


Jerry at the Salt River 9×12 oil on linen 2018 Not For Sale

My Friends, the Clydes    16×20  Oil on Canvas    2017 These Clydesdale sisters live at the bottom of my road, so every day as I drive by, I am treated to the graceful beauty of these gentle giants. I took this photo (and ultimately painted it) as they were coming for apples. Not For Sale because this is my favorite painting.

At Rest   24×30  Oil on Canvas  2017  NFS I love bison, such a proud symbol of our Western past. This July I am planning a trip to Montana  to photograph them. A small herd from the Blackfoot Tribe out of Browning, Montana has arrived at the Oakland Zoo. Two males will come from the Yellowstone herd. As soon as the installation is available, I will be there with my camera!

No Discouraging Words 24x36 oil on canvas

No Discouraging Words    24×36    Oil on Canvas 2017  Custom framing  This painting is large and textured with impasto. I called it No Discouraging Words for the song Home on the Range. For Sale $2550.00

Highway 25, San Benito Country   12×18  Acrylic on Canvas   2016 When I first went back to painting after a 30-year hiatus, I began in acrylics. This painting is a scene off Highway 25 in San Benito County when the afternoon light was beginning to wane. $400.00


Our Tenant     16×20   Oil on Canvas    2017  NFS  (private collection) We have two barn owl boxes on our property, one in our meadow and one in the olive tree orchard. Last June, while having a glass of wine on our little deck in the orchard, we were SHOCKED to have a barn owl momma come out of the box at dusk. We had no idea!


The Double O    24×12   Oil on Canvas    2016 NFS (private collection) This amazing land form is in Arches National Park and the oversized human on the top is my brother, Jim, who climbed it. This painting hangs in his dental office.

Jerry and the Big Dipper

Jerry and the Big Dipper 9×12 oil on linen There is Jerry again, enjoying the evening stars. The painting hangs in the Arizona home of my friends, Tom and Chris.